Wednesday, 3 July 2013

I need to clear a few things up for everyone

It has been brought to my attention that there is some confusion about the things I do for Indie authors and who I may, or may not be affiliated with. I believe I should post to clear this up, and avoid any potential drama.
I spend a lot of my time promoting Indie and Small Press authors, and everything I do, I do for FREE. That's right. I don't charge for the things I do, though I may not have time to do all of the things I want.
The confusion seems to be coming from groups and pages with similar names to my own.
The greatest confusion comes from the fact that some of these groups and pages are run by people who I've assisted or mentored in the past, and these people are now running their own groups and charging a fee for the services they offer.
Rest assured, I DO NOT charge for doing promos, creating street teams, creating groups, reviewing books, guiding an author on how to get their work out, and on "hooking" authors up with the right people! My personal opinion is that it would be unfair to authors to charge for services so many others offer for free, or to claim to be a professional at some of the more traditional services like editing, formatting, book blurbs, blog tours and synopsis.
So, to clear up any further confusion, here is a complete list of the open and closed groups I run or admin:

These are the ONLY groups I run or admin. Anything with a similar name is not mine.

I do admin on 6 pages, 2 of which I am the originator of and I am a member of many other groups but I am not in charge of those groups.

I just want everyone to know who I am and what I do for authors. They have brought much joy to my life and I enjoy doing the things I do for them.

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  1. Jacquie, it always amazes me to see how much you do for indie authors--I hope you know you're a rockstar in the indie world for being so amazing--and for doing it all for free. I'd hardly blame you if you did charge! Regardless, thank you for all you do for us, out of the goodness of your lovely heart and your passion for books :) <3

    1. Patti, I'm repaid by getting the sneak peak to the next book, the support on my down days, advice when I don't know which way to go next, the vacation I get when I read a story and the author describes the place PERFECTLY that I get to go to, the character that I fall in love with when I read about them, the prizes I win when I enter the same ones other's do. I'm repaid when an author posts that their book is in the top 10 best sellers list or they get an award for all THEIR hard work. These are your stories, not mine. I'm just the reader that fell in love with YOUR work because it was written so beautifully. I adore Indie Authors. AND that's why I want to share you all with everyone I come in contact with. Thank you for all YOU do for us as readers. You give us something to look forward to.

  2. Love you Jacquie! We really appreciate everything you do!

    1. I adore you too Elizabeth. I really need people to understand that I AM the one that is blessed with so many authors as friends as well.

  3. I think we are more blessed to have such an ardent fan and supporter. Without readers like you, the only reason we have to write is to unload our imaginations into the ether. YOU, and readers like you are one of the reason I push to write that next story, despite the naysayers and critics. Even my hubby questions my need to write, though he's not purposely trying to drag me down. When something he says deflates me, it's your encouragement that picks me up and sets me back down in front of the laptop. So, please accept my thanks, and that of the others. Know that it's our pleasure to have you as a reader, a fan, and a friend. ♥ you!

  4. Jacquie you are an angel! If not for you I never would have met the wonderful people at CH&BB! Hugs, Love and Great Karma!