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New cover reveal for A Witch's Tale by Rue Volley

This book is dedicated to Rue's mother, who passed away in March of 2012, from Breast Cancer. The book is very much a piece of Rue's generous and loving heart. Written in a first person POV, from the perspective of teenaged Alexi, the book is filled with laughter, adventure and witchcraft. There are moments of intrigue that fire the imagination, and poignancy that will touch the heart of any reader. A fantastic read for anyone fourteen years or older. Blurb: Meet Alexi, short for Alexandria. She is a witch, from a long line of powerful witch's. The only problem is, she totally sucks at it. Alexi lives alone with her Dad, Christopher, in the perfect town of Ravenswood. Everything seems normal as she plans her future after High School and dreams of the big city. Along with her best friend, Logan, they spend their days navigating school and making fun of the towns council members who argue for months on what to add and subtract from Ravenswood. All seemed fine until a new boy moved into the so-called haunted mansion. It was then that things started to change and not necessarily for the better. This series is YA and packed with elements of witchy what not's, humor, romance and overcoming grief. It does contain a couple of mature themes but suitable for 14+


Excerpt from the book
I sat on the edge of my bed for a while. I do have studying to do and yet I find myself not…first time in my life for that to happen. My Dad tapped on my door and I looked up as he stepped in with a tray and I smelled the food. He had ordered, not chinese this time…but burgers. We have a little restaurant here in town that makes the best ones you could ever hope for. He placed the tray down on my side table and then he sat down next to me and tapped me on the knee.
"I want to apologize." He said.
I looked at him and waited.
"I did listen, I tried not too…and then it happened, I should have not lied, as we don’t to each other…but I just wanted you to know." He said.
"I appreciate the admission." I said.
My Dad laughed and touched my face.
"Alexi…in all seriousness…"
He cut me off. "Listen…I know that we have never really talked about boys."
"Oh god." I said as I scooted back from him.
"No…don’t panic. I am just trying here…so give me a break okay?" he asked me.
I tried to relax and leaned back on my headboard.
"Alexi…I wish that your Mom was here, I mean other than for the obvious reasons, but we got cheated and in turn, you did… and now you are stuck with me, trying to talk to you about something that we should have talked to you about a long time ago."
"I’m okay with not talking about it." I said as I reached for my burger and took a big bite of it.
"Well." My Dad said as he leaned back and looked up at my ceiling.

"I would be totally fine not talking about it either, but your Mom would just kill me, if I didn’t…and I am sure wherever she is she is wanting to give me an ear full right now for waiting this long."

I shoved the burger in my mouth along with some crispy fries and acted like I was at school…not here, being trapped into the "talk".

"I don’t think you need too." I said, all muffled with food in my mouth.
"You know what a penis is right?" he suddenly said as he faced me. I choked on my burger and dropped it in my lap and he tapped me on the back and then grabbed my arms and raised them over my head as I sucked in air.
"Oh my god." I said as I pulled my arms from him and stood up. He watched me and grinned.
"I just wondered…I mean I know that school is not exactly progressive in nature."
"I know what that is Dad and the fact that you said it to me just made me throw up in my mouth a little." I said as I looked around my room.
"Alexi…I just, well…what happens is when a man gets excited…"
I held up my hands to him.
"I know….I do, I have internet." I said.
He laughed and looked at the computer on my desk.
"Are you looking at porn?"
"No! Oh my god…no." I said as I crossed my arms on my chest.
"Oh…okay good. That stuff is not realistic anyway, I mean some of the stuff they do…holy crap! I mean how you get legs up that high…"

"Dad! I am not looking at porn, nor will I." I said as I shook my head.

"Oh…okay." He said as he looked back at my fries and popped one into his mouth.

"Well…do you understand the logistics of what happens when you have sex?"

"Oh god." I said.

"Well, the first time for a girl hurts, from what I hear…"

"Good to know." I said as I slapped my hands on my legs.

"I would assume so…I mean your Mother was really…"

"Stop…stop….stop it." I said.

"Oh…okay, yeah…you don’t want to hear about that."

"Not really." I said as I crossed my arms back on my chest and shook my head.

"Well…it gets really hard…" he said as he waved his hands at his crotch.

"Don’t…don’t do that, the waving thing at your crotch."

He looked up at me and grinned as he shook his head.

"Okay." He said as he stood up.

"I think that maybe you understand the basic concept."

"Uh huh." I said as I nodded.

"Well…the ummm, the store, the pharmacy on Olive Rd has condoms." He said.

"What?" I said.

"The ones that have the extra ummm, you know, protection…are the best." He said.

"What are you doing?" I asked him.

"Just…telling you, giving you information for future use." He said.

"I am not having sex Dad! I mean, if and when that EVER happens, I am sure that I will be prepared."

"Of course you will, but what kind of Dad would I be if I didn’t try to help?"

"Less awkward…maybe?" I said.

"Oh…okay, I’m sorry. I mean I am not saying go out and do it…but I read, and it seems like kids just do it whether you want them to or not, so I say…when you do, just be careful."

"Noted." I said as I stared at the floor.

"Okay then…ummm, Logan’s Mom is coming over, to pick him up soon…I should ahhh, go downstairs."

"Good idea." I said. And with that my Dad left. I looked at my burger and for the first time I didn’t want to eat…nothing at all.

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About Amazon International Bestselling Author, Rue Volley
Rue Volley resides on earth with her partner in crime, Von Erik and their two pugs, Mobacca and Oshi Wan Konobi. She is a descendant of the Blackfoot Indians and is very proud of her heritage. She is a bestselling author with over 30 books published with Crushing Hearts and Black Butterfly publishing, Hot Ink Press and Vamptasy Publishing. She writes YA, adult fiction and hardcore erotic. Her writing style has been described as a perfect blend of Tarantino and David Lynch. It is action packed, extremely twisted and full of perfected characters that jump right off of the page. Rue is a leading advocate for the Arts as she has been for almost 20 years now, hosting a Radio Station and magazine dedicated to Indie Artists and helping them get more exposure. She also plays guitar and violin and will sing occasionally if you can bribe her with chocolate. Ranked #1 on amazon 7/23/2013 in erotica "The Naughty Box" with the "Hunters Blood Series" Ranked #2 on amazon 7/22/2013 as an author in erotica

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